Google Analytics Alternative.

We protect your data and that of your visitors

No cookies. No saving of the IP. Protect your visitors' data!

Are you looking for statistics software for your website? We offer you a comprehensive analysis tool with flexible evaluations including heat maps and backlink check.

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The All-In-One Web Analytics To Take Your Site To The Next Level
VCX³ is the best Google Analytics alternative! Get everything you need to understand your website’s traffic and user behavior and needs. Without cookies or putting your IP at risk!

1. Intuitive Dashboard
Intuitive dashboard with over 50 moveable/scalable portlets depending on your wishes and needs. Customize your own and have all the data you need at a glance.

2. Heat Maps
Create heat maps on each page of your website and find out which areas get the most interaction.

3. Backlinks
Monitor the quantity and quality of the links directing to your website so you can rank higher on Google.

4. Privacy and Safety
No cookies used, and we store no personal data. Everyone’s privacy is safe.

5. Business visitors
Identify business visitors when they visit your website, and if you have a B2B site, you can tell which company they work for and approach them.

6. Campaign Tracking and Shopping Cart Tracking
Track where your visitors are coming from and how often they abandoned their cart, so you can later identify issues and fix them.

Why Gaining Insights On Your Website’s Metrics Is So Important?
Your website is your number one asset, but do you know how it is positioned, what the quality of its content is and how engaged your visitors are?
You know your website is your number one asset, so you might wonder how to fix problems with it. For you to analyze your website properly, you need some simple, but essential tools that would make all this possible. You need a web analytics tool that is easy to use and doesn’t require complicated knowledge.
With VCX³ you can get all the data about the behavior of your website’s visitors, so you can improve and optimize your campaigns. You get the insights to make your website an effective one that gives you profit, and no headaches.

Track the most important web analytics metrics
VCX³ helps you get a comprehensive compilation of the most important web metrics for a clear understanding of strengths and weaknesses. So you can make informed decisions about improving your website’s performance. All in one place!

Target business visitors to improve your profits
The system tracks all visits to your site, especially the business visits. If you know which companies have visited your site, you can use this to your advantage. You can use the contacts of the business visitors you are interested in negotiating favorable business proposals.

Get an easy-to-use web analytics tool and improve your website’s performance
VCX³ has everything you need to catch up with competitors and succeed with your website. Start now with a free trial!

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